Hi, friends! Good news, I made it to Japan!

I hear that people are very concerned that I’m not doing well or liking it here, and I’m here to tell you all that you can relax. l absolutely love it here, so stop worrying about me and instead start living vicariously through my social media posts!
I’ve been living in Tokyo for two weeks now, and it’s amazing how quickly Japan has already felt like home. Some things are really different here, but it’s mostly just the Japanese customs that take a little adjusting to. I’m sure I’ll have to dedicate a whole blog post to the little quirks that make up this culture and society, so don’t worry. We’ll get into it. Anyway, life is good! Working for Disney is, as always, amazing. Every Disney park is run separately, and because of that they’re all a little different from each other in the way they operate, so it’s been interesting to learn how they manage their park here in Japan. The best part of Japan so far has honestly been my job, which is such a rare thing to be able to say about any job. I’ve often overwhelmed with how lucky I am for that. My first two months I’ll be training and learning the ropes around here, then I get to take over for the current cast members and start working! There’s a lot to learn and a lot to adjust to, so it’s nice they give us plenty of time to get comfortable with everything. I’ve been loving my training, especially getting to tour the parks and see the parades and shows here! Who doesn’t love a good electrical parade, right? I’ve bawled like a baby whenever I’ve watched a parade out here and I’m so grateful that I get to spend my days talking philosophically about these movies and characters that have meant so much to me over the years. What a life. Outside of work I’ve been making friends with my cast mates and trying to see more of the country while I have the time to during the rehearsal period! All the girls and guys are so nice and so friendly, and I love them all already, which is good because we’re going to be spending a LOT of time together for the next year. In terms of travel and sightseeing, so far I’ve visited the very kawaii city of Harajuku with my new girlfriends in technicolored wigs and visited the Senso-ji Temple is Asakusa and the Hie-Jinja Shrine in Nagatachō, both of which were absolutely stunning. I’ve been to a bunny/hedgehog cafe, (it was very high on my priority list) and have visited the English speaking LDS ward in Tokyo each  Sunday. I’m hoping to be able to see a lot of the country over the next year, but everything I’ve seen so far has been so beautiful and so much fun. I’m extremely grateful to be here and to have this opportunity to see more of the world while working for a company that I love.
 My goal for myself while I live in Japan is to really live. While I’m out here I’ll have an amazing blend of opportunity for advancement in personal growth, professional growth, and social growth; not to mention that I’ll have a whole year to challenge myself creatively and plenty of time to figure out what I want to do with my life once this contract is over. There’s so many things about myself that I already know, but there’s also many facets of my personality that I haven’t had the time or patience to really explore. This year I’ll hopefully have or make time to try new things, meet new people, see new places, and find new worlds to conquer.
That being said, my goal for this blog is to actually write it, so I’m trying not to overwhelm myself by writing down too much or going into too many things within this initial post in hopes that it will help me not get scared away. I’ll definitely try to spend some time this next week going into detail about the beautiful things I’ve seen and places I’ve been, and I’ll be sure to load the posts with pictures and anecdotes.
I miss you all, and would love to hear from any or all of you whenever you want to fill me in on life in America! Just shoot me a text, and email, a Facebook message, or send me a smoke signal. I’ll be watching. Until then, sayonara!
Love you chotto,